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Technology NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround costly and resource-intensive

Technology NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround — expensive and resource-intensive

It is known that in early January at CES 2010 the company NVIDIA announced its new development & ndash-technology 3D Vision Surround. This technology realizes the possibility of stereoscopic video, photos and games with special 3D glasses in the configuration that the three monitors. Very NVIDIA claims that the use of 3D Vision Surround technology gives users an unforgettable experience in video games. However, experts have expressed reasonable doubts about the effectiveness of the design. & Ndash-Imagine you are sitting in front of three monitors and have to keep an eye on all three images.

Customs gives good providers began receiving documents FSB to import electronics

Customs gives good: Suppliers FSB began to receive documents for the importation of electronics

Resumed the import of mobile phones, laptops and other electronics, it was discontinued due to have entered into force on 1 January of the new rules of the Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. We have already mentioned that as a result of Russian operators "big three" threatened to disrupt the timing deploy third-generation networks, which in turn threatens the withdrawal of licenses. The equipment for infrastructure networks, stuck in customs. And now the FSB began to issue the necessary documents to suppliers.


Under the new rules of the Customs Union, radio-electronic means of encrypting data elements to be notified in the "authorized body of executive power." However, the authority has not been determined, although manufacturers immediately turned to the FSB.