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910 The final version of Ubuntu Desktop Edition — October 29

The final version of Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop Edition — October 29

The company Canonical announced the upcoming withdrawal OS Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop Edition. New version of the popular Linux distribution will be available for free download on October 29. Ubuntu 9.10 set new GUI loading control and logon substantial acceleration boot updated interface and improved sound control possibilities of using 3G connection.

Ubuntu 9.10

To take into account user feedback to improve Ubuntu, was launched in July initiative «-100 Paper Cuts — 100 enhancements" -. Community Members were asked to name the most one hundred interfere with flaws. Currently made more than 50 changes in the UI system, including those annoying moments as inconsistent naming and suboptimal choice of applications included in the system by default.

Hostess a note — the U.S. government is allowed to jailbreak and unlock iPhone

Hostess a note — the U.S. government is allowed to jailbreak and unlock iPhone

Many users device iPhone and other mobile Apple devices such familiar concepts as jailbreak. It refers to the procedure of breaking the file system device, then it allows the unauthorized (ie not derived from the online store App Store) app.


However, in most of Apple, to say the least suspicious of the jailbreaking process. The official position of the company from Cupertino, described in the document support, is that people hacked devices based on iOS can trap different problems.

In addition, Apple reserves the right to refuse the service of this device because of its unauthorized modification and the consequent violation of the license agreement.