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E-book from Barnes Noble — hybrid monochrome e-ink and color LCD

E-book from Barnes & Noble — hybrid monochrome e-ink and color LCD

Not so long ago it was reported that the company Barnes & — Noble plans to release a device for reading electronic books that will color display. This information is partially confirmed by new data, albeit with one big "-ar" — in — the gadget is actually two displays.

e-book Barnes & Noble

One & ndash-6-inch monochrome screen with a resolution of 800×600 pixels, made by technology e-ink, while the second weak & ndash-color LCD screen that supports multi-touch functions and a resolution of 480×144 pixels. By assumption, resource Gizmodo, color display designed to display book covers and possibly other content, even on the screen can display a virtual keyboard.

Digital Photo Frames Nexx — atmosphere in detail

Digital Photo Frames Nexx — atmosphere in detail

Company Nexx Digital announces the withdrawal of the Russian market a new line of portable devices & ndash-digital photo frames. In July 2010, will go on sale 4 models Frames Nexx diagonals 7, 8 and 10 inches. One model with 7 inches is weather station.


As promised manufacturer, clear bright LED screen will display exactly the colors that users see when taking photos. Nexx frames have a slot for memory cards SD / MMC / MS and USB connector for storage. In one picture, you can view a series of images as a slide show. For the slideshow, you can choose background music and transition effects photos.