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Penhaligons Love Potion 9

Penhaligon's Love Potion №9

Perfume house, which was created in the 60s of the XIX century in England, continues to experiment with the classics. His staff reassessing hundred recipes Exposure to reflect the new time and new social trends.

This company has over one hundred years is a supplier of the British royal court, so that feedback on the best perfumers. Using the work of only natural ingredients, experts Penhaligon'-s creates not just seasonal and timeless fragrances.

New Men Love Potion № 9 — is very masculine and original combination of notes leather, birch tar, jasmine, geranium and spices. This raises some eastern flavor bouquet with notes of orange, carnation and bergamot.

Turbo CORE technology in future processors AMD Phenom II X6X4 details

Turbo CORE technology in future processors AMD Phenom II X6/X4 — details

We have already reported that, AMD is preparing a release of its own six-core processor Phenom II X6, designed to run on desktop computers and famous codenamed Thuban. Debut these powerful chips scheduled for late April, and among the major innovations in their architecture are the technology Turbo CORE.

Turbo CORE

This technology is based on the same principle as the feature Turbo Boost, implemented in the new processors Intel. In other words, Turbo CORE automatically increases the clock speed of individual cores, thus increasing CPU performance in applications that do not require working with multiple computing threads.