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Canon XA10

Canon XA10

Canon has encouraged potential buyers of new products and is ultra-compact professional camcorder called Canon XA10. This device is endowed with excellent functionality and thus has a relatively low cost.

The camera is 1/3-dyuymovyh CMOS-sensor, two connectors XLR, and a special holder for microphone and enhanced manual controls. Also worth noting is that this camcorder can shoot in the infrared in the absence of ambient light. The lens unit has a 10x optical zoom.

Camcorder can shoot video resolution of up to 1920×1080 pixels and then encode it in H.264.

Colorful Samsung N150 Corby netbooks out in Europe

Colorful Samsung N150 Corby netbooks out in Europe

Resources Netbook Italia has once again announced new laptops that are currently being prepared for release. Samsung Electronics Company demonstrated a version of the model under the brand N150 Corby. As mass TouchPhone with the same name, the device is offered in several bright colors such as hot pink and yellow. So you can choose the color of the netbook mobile phone.

Samsung N150 Corby

Fine bright device, perhaps more like women and younger audiences. According to a source, netbooks Samsung N150 Corby go on sale in Italy on March 25 and will cost 329 euros.

Samsung N150 Corby

Features Samsung N150 Corby:

  • Processor Intel Atom N450 (1,66 GHz)