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Vulnerability in iOS 41 allows you to bypass the lock iPhone

Vulnerability in iOS 4.1 allows you to bypass the lock iPhone

It is known that the device iPhone users very often resort to lock with a password to protect against unauthorized access. Thus, we can protect stored in the device memory information from prying eyes, for example, if you want to permanently leave the iPhone in the pool locker room or sauna.

iOS 4.1

However, this way of data protection to the iPhone is not a panacea, and outsiders can easily bypass the lock function, using vulnerabilities in the firmware iOS 4.1. In the present resource Engadget video clearly shows how using the uncomplicated combination of actions (set of random numbers in the Emergency Call, call and prompt the caller to press the hardware lock button) allows you to access the Phone application 

Scientists at Princeton University reported details of iPad misbehavior in wireless networks

Scientists at Princeton University reported the details of the "bad behavior" iPad in wireless networks

Despite the growing popularity of tablet PC iPad to & ldquo-home & rdquo-American market, where the demand for it has already exceeded the expectations of many experts, the new creation Apple exposed and considerable criticism. We have already reported on the ban imposed on imports of iPad in Israel due to incompatibility with local wireless standards as well as the problems experienced by data tablet when working with some dual-band Wi-Fi routers.

Princeton University

And now there were reports of difficulties that undergoes iPad in wireless networks some American universities.