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The level of piracy in Russia is shrinking amid global crisis

The level of piracy in Russia is shrinking amid global crisis

International Association of Software Developers (BSA) in cooperation with the research group IDC announced the results of the seventh annual survey of the level of software piracy. It was found that from 2008 to 2009 the number of installations of unlicensed software on personal computers in decreased 1% and amounted to 67%. Commercial value of illegally used software is 2.619 billion U.S. dollars.


Despite the global economic recession, the level of software piracy dropped in most countries surveyed. According to the report, the reduction was registered in 54 countries, while 19 markets software piracy rate increased.

Phones Samsung Shark — social media and mobile shark

Phones Samsung Shark — social media and mobile "shark"

Company Samsung Electronics has announced a new series of mobile phones under the name Shark. It includes three models — Shark (S5350), Shark 2 (S5550) and Shark 3 (S3550). According to the manufacturer, the mobile "sharks" are designed for active users who value in mobile phones ample multimedia features and the opportunity at any time to contact your friends and family via instant messenger instant messaging and social networks. Shark line of devices equipped with special application Social Networking Services (SNS), which provides quick access to websites such as Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and so on.