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Choosing a wireless mouse

Choosing a wireless mouse

Recently a friend of yours bought a wireless keyboard and mouse, and you, of course, also lit up the idea to buy these newfangled gadgets that have become recently more clearly push their wireline competitors.

First, each user must be wondering — how long they are battery or batteries. Thus, although the first wireless mice counterparts worked very, very long. We had to constantly change batteries. But recently there was a qualitative shift and battery life, battery or accumulator increased to impressive numbers — 36 weeks. PC users are still not decided — it is better to use — batteries and accumulators.

Number of downloads from the online store Mac App Store exceeded one million in first day

Number of downloads from the online store Mac App Store exceeded one million in first day

Apple announced that users have downloaded more than a million applications from the online store Mac App Store in the first day. Offering more than 1,000 free and paid apps, Mac App Store brings expertise App Store on the Mac, allowing you to search for new apps, buy them using your account iTunes, download and install applications with one click. According to Steve Jobs, chairman of the corporation Apple, the company and could not imagine that the Mac App Store will receive such an incredible response.

Mac App Store

In Mac App Store applications are available in categories such as Education, Games, Graphics and Design, Lifestyle, Productivity, Utilities and other users can find new applications, view the most popular programs and meet with employees choosing Apple, as well as search by category and read user reviews.