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AMD Llano chip was 32 nm core Phenom architecture K105

AMD Llano chip was 32 nm Phenom core architecture K10.5

Resource Fudzilla reports that the new chip AMD Llano, intended for future laptops and is a single-chip GPU / CPU-solution features a processor core Phenom. This news did not cause great surprise to experts, since it was obvious that the new Bulldozer core will be ready only in 2011 and thus greatly be late.


The core Phenom AMD Llano subjected to some improvement. For example, it uses 32 nm manufacturing technology, in addition, owns the core architecture K10.5. Obviously, AMD plans to introduce two versions of the chip Llano & ndash-with two or four cores Phenom. Graphical component in AMD Llano is a mobile version of the chip Evergreen, equipped with support for DirectX 11.

Criminal charges for using ATM Hacking Virus

Criminal charges for using ATM Hacking Virus

At the request of the Prosecutor's Office Central District of St. Petersburg was prosecuted, "the fact of creation, use and dissemination of harmful computer programs, as well as improper information constituting bank secrecy." Simply put any attacker tried using a virus to hack ATM. In April on suspicion of the crime indicated detained 45-year-old unemployed Yuri B. Nowadays against him Kuybyshevsky federal district court a preventive measure in the form of detention.


Course of affairs gave statements Representative JSC IBC ", Moskomprivatbank" -. The representative of the bank said that in March 2009, an unidentified person made unauthorized access to the ATM located in the premises of "association-Hotels on Nevsky" — using malware.