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Philips Xenium X503

Philips Xenium X503

Phone from Philips Xenium X503 titled delet the owner the opportunity to talk with him charging up to 8 hours.

Working with lists of contacts simplifies presence of two SIM-cards as a private room for workers and a personal call, and the separation of local and international contacts much easier life to Philips Xenium X503.

The compact handset is endowed with all basic and necessary features such as: - Phone book for 2000 address-

— 3.2 megapixel camera — Built-in MP3-player-

— FM-radio with RDS.

Philips Xenium X503 is compatible with MicroSD cards up to 8 GB, and the presence of a mini-USB connector makes it easier and more convenient to transfer data and recharge the battery.

Steve Jobs is a problem due to iPhone 4 just keep it in a different way

Steve Jobs is a problem due to iPhone 4: Just keep it in a different way

We've reported in the news about problems with signal reception wireless pursuing some of the first owners of the iPhone 4 device. Recall that the bottom line is that in some cases the iPhone 4 transmits calls and actually loses network, demonstrating the complete absence of signal, while other mobile devices operating in similar conditions quite well.

Steve Jobs is responsible

Experts resource Engadget suggested that the problem may be a steel rim, surrounding the perimeter of your device. The fact that Apple has placed in the outer rim antenna UMTS, GSM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS, to reduce the thickness of the device.