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Solid State Drives Crucial RealSSDs C300 supports SATA 60 Gbps went on sale

Solid State Drives Crucial RealSSDs C300 supports SATA 6.0 Gbps went on sale

Lexar Media company began selling new SSDs Crucial RealSSD C300. Their brand is well-known semiconductor company Micron Technology (Lexar and Crucial — is its subsidiaries). Announcement of these solutions at the beginning of December last year, and the start of sales of the promised 22 February. And then finally release took place, albeit with a slight delay. These drives are interesting in supporting next generation high-speed interface SATA 6.0 Gbps. Crucial RealSSDs C300 can reach a peak speed of 355 MB / s when reading files and 215 MB / s — with their entry.

Crucial RealSSD C300

New Solid State Drives Crucial RealSSDs C300 made in 2.5-inch form factor using chip MLC NAND Flash memory and are offered in two versions of different sizes.

Alienware M11x

Alienware M11x

Manufacturer Alienware introduced a novelty among gaming laptops — ultraportables this M11x. Company officials call it the most powerful 11-inch gaming laptop in the universe.

Full Specs Alienware M11x is not yet known, but there is information that this laptop battery can provide up to 6.5 hours of continuous operation in standard mode and up to 2 hours of intense play. The device is endowed with a VGA output and HDMI, so users can connect the laptop to an external monitor or HD-TV.

How to assure the representatives Alienware, M11x lets you play the game of Crysis at 50 fps in Call Of Duty at 30 fps on maximum maximum settings, and its price is less than $ 1,000.