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Murder on the list of publish names of victims on Facebook

Murder on the list: publish names of victims on Facebook

In the Colombian town of Puerto Asis murder took place, which was involved social network Facebook. Specifically, this site was a list of potential victims, consisting of 69 people. And over the past 10 days, three teenagers were killed 16, 17 and 19 years, and another was wounded. The names of all of them have been identified in the list published by August 17 — two days after the first two killings. All of the victims referred to in the "death list" nakazuyetsya within three days to leave Puerto Asis threatened violence.


Currently investigating the murder of Colombian police, she was promised a reward of 5 million pesos (about $ 2750) for any useful information related to the case.

Steve Jobs is not leaving Apple for health

Steve Jobs is not leaving Apple for health

The head of Apple, Steve Jobs sent to all its employees short email, which said that the Board of Directors at his request allowed him to go on medical leave. He instructed the actual guide now Tim Cook (Tim Cook), Executive Director. Jobs mentioned that remain as CEO and be aware of the major strategic decisions of the company. He promised to return whenever possible, but details of the reasons for his departure are not told.

Steve Jobs

As you know, in 2004 Steve Jobs was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas, and then he had surgery to remove the tumor. Due to failing health for some time, Jobs took no active part in the affairs of Apple, but then returned to normal management.