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HP Compaq L2105tm

HP Compaq L2105tm

The new operating system Windows 7 supports multisensor management, which is why we soon expect a large number of new displays that allow for such a possibility, and one of the pioneers began to monitor HP Compaq L2105tm.

This 21.5-inch display has a unique opportunity multisensor management with a special system that consists of two cameras, sensors and more sources of infrared radiation. Once a person touches a finger to a monitor, a sensor device captures and via USB-connection transmits information to the driver, which is responsible for multisensor management.

Currently estimated price display and the exact timing of its sales start is unknown.

What's Inside 12 MP flagship Nokia N8 disassembled

What's Inside: 12 megapixels flagship Nokia N8 disassembled

Portal iFixit finally was able to better read the content is rich smartphone Nokia N8. This model was announced at the beginning of the year, but sales in some markets received recently. Recall, Nokia N8 — a 12 megapixel camera phone in the form factor monoblock bezklaviaturnoho equipped with 3.5-inch touchscreen AMOLED display, the Finnish company's first model based on Symbian ^ 3. According to iFixit, the device has received 8 points out of 10 for ease of disassembly.

Nokia N8

Battery unit, although not claimed as a suitable replacement for the user, easily removed by loosening just two screws. — In addition, AMOLED panel is easily separated from its cover glass, which means that the need for these two components can be replaced individually.