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Toshiba Mini NB305

Toshiba Mini NB305

Recently there was a version of the Toshiba Mini NB305 operates based on Pine Trail platform and comes with a 10.1-inch display with a resolution of 1024 × -600 pixels.

Its main innovation is the processor Intel Atom N450. The amount of disk space Toshiba Mini NB305 is 250 GB, the weight is 1.17 kg, and the total battery life increased to 11 hours. Among mobile technologies that are implemented in the netbook, it should be noted high-speed wireless communications module that allows to enter sites write to your blog or chat in video chat, and feature USB Sleep-and-Charge to charge other mobile devices from your laptop to any anytime.

Improved Windows Live Hotmail — personal email from Microsoft next-generation

Improved Windows Live Hotmail — personal email from Microsoft next-generation

Microsoft has announced a new version of the e-mail service Windows Live Hotmail. According to the company, Windows Live Hotmail & ndash-one of the world's largest email services, with more than 369 million active accounts and provides access to the mailbox through both the computer and a mobile phone.

Windows Live Hotmail

The new Hotmail also has a set of new tools and features to help users get rid of the junk and spend less time doing usual activities. The updated service provides intelligent filters that are activated by a single click and can display certain categories of messages: messages from specific recipients, the message of social networks, news groups that the user has, etc.  ----