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Ebook Acer LumiRead approved FCC — will soon release

Ebook Acer LumiRead approved FCC — will soon release?

Preview eBook Acer LumiRead in May this year, and now this device is approved by the Federal Communications (FCC). At the time of the announcement the company promised that sales of Acer LumiRead start in the third quarter of this year. Apparently, the issue is not far off. Site FCC no details about the e-book and its "live" photos. We also know that Acer LumiRead be released in two versions — with a wireless-enabled Wi-Fi and 3G, but on FCC about network does not mention anything.

Acer LumiRead

Recall Ebook Acer LumiRead equipped with a 6-inch display based on electronic paper and QWERTY keyboard underneath.

Phone Sagem Cosyphone — NFC cards instead of contacts

Phone Sagem Cosyphone — NFC cards instead of contacts

The company Sagem Wireless has developed a mobile phone called Cosyphone. It is aimed at people older — 50 years. Accordingly, the design and function of the relevant system. By the way, at Mobile World Congress another company — Emporia — introduced just two models Elegance and Solid, designed for a similar audience. But it's actually a classic piece with a clear screen and large buttons on the keyboard, plus a couple of features — compatibility with hearing aids (Elegance) and protected from water and dirt building (Solid).

Sagem Cosyphone

Model Sagem Cosyphone also has a large bright display and big buttons.