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Ecological HP Planet Partners program for recycling cartridges launched in Russia

Ecological HP Planet Partners program for recycling cartridges launched in Russia

HP has announced the launch of the HP Planet Partners program in Russia. With the addition of HP Planet Partners program will be available in 34 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa & ndash-only 55 countries. As the producer, the program HP Planet Partners & ndash-is a simple and accessible for everyone the opportunity to contribute to environmental protection through voluntary return original HP supplies for recycling.

HP for the environment

Developed over a half decades ago, HP Planet Partners program gave users a convenient free return exhaust system supplies. In December 2007 the program has been returned and recycled worldwide more than 197 million cartridges for laser and inkjet printers HP, equivalent to 135 tons.

BigShot Camera

BigShot Camera

I want to tell you about an interesting camera BigShot, which was created especially for curious children (and not only) because it can be interpreted.

The acquisition of such toys can also be very useful because it can help parents have a chance to interest your child's world of technology. In addition, the child will be their personal camera, which you can show off to their peers.

After compiling this unique design, the camera will operate, working on batteries or from a crank. Turn the crank to a total of six times, this is enough to make one shot. On a rotating wheel are special lenses, so that the user can make wide-angle and other photos.