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Exploit limera1n in PwnageTool iOS device to crack more easily

Exploit limera1n in PwnageTool — crack the iOS device will be easier

Another distinguished achievement enthusiastic team of iPhone Dev Team, involved in the creation of jailbreaking mobile Apple. The video, posted on the World Wide Web famous hacker MuscleNerd, shows the process of & ldquo-kickback & rdquo-software platform iOS to version 3.2.2, implemented using iTunes on a Tablet PC iPad.


It is assumed that this will result in achieving a rapid transition to a new level jailbreak tablet Apple. It is reported that the method used in the following exploit limera1n, designed by renowned Heohot (Geohot) and portirovannyy a new version of the tool PwnageTool from iPhone Dev Team.



For people who are concerned about keeping important information Futen Japanese company released a special 4-gigabyte USB-stick Lockface, data which is encrypted 256-bit AES key, and access to them is carried out following the procedure of face recognition owner.

The very same drive is not equipped with a camera, but for this procedure is used webcam laptop or PC. Before working on the device you want to install special software that is on the flash drive and make some of their shots. After these steps, data access will only get you.

It is worth noting that the developer warns of approximately 2 percentage error detection, so that the device and the password is input.