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Thanko hub allows you to charge up to 80 USB devices simultaneously

Thanko hub allows you to charge up to 80 USB devices simultaneously

The more around us various mobile electronics, the more there is a problem finding extra USB connector on the computer, which could be stick cord from another media player, or other device to recharge. Particularly acute this problem is the time for laptop owners, where the number of USB connectors often very limited.

80 Thanko USB port Hub

Of course, you can purchase a separate USB hub or adapter with the ability to charge your device with USB interface from conventional power grid. However, all these USB hubs and adapters can be lost at the worst possible moment. So if you are a true hadzhetoman, whose home & ldquo-live & rdquo-tens USB compatible device, you may come in handy device from the company Thanko.

Cover with Bluetooth keyboard turns iPhone 4 in QWERTY slider

Cover with Bluetooth keyboard turns iPhone 4 in QWERTY slider

Manufacturers who are able to produce Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard quickly realized that the iPhone 4 is no hardware device type. Some people are not comfortable typing on the touch keyboard on which there is no response key, and the usual Switchboard.

Keyboard Buddy iPhone 4 Case

Therefore, the case, which now will be discussed, not the first. He has called unpretentious Keyboard Buddy iPhone 4 Case. This case is equipped with a QWERTY keyboard. It makes communication with the iPhone via Bluetooth. Charging via USB keyboard cable. One charge lasts for 45 days. In addition keyboard case, of course, performs a protective function.