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Test performance faster iPhone 4 iPhone 3GS iPad but slower

Performance Test: iPhone 4 faster iPhone 3GS, iPad but slower

Continue to receive information about new device iPhone 4 is the official start of sales will take place tomorrow, June 24. But now a number of people have ordered their equipment and perhaps one of the models tested owner performance using Geekbench 2 and BenchTest. We know that the iPhone 4 the same processor Apple A4, that of the iPad, but the manufacturer has not officially announced its clock speed. Apparently, she is 1 GHz.

iPhone 4

The test results showed BenchTest figure was 2,514 iPhone 4 and iPad — 3.667. That is, the device is still running slower tablet. At the same time, the novelty significantly more productive its predecessor — iPhone 3GS.

The flagship chip Intel Core i7-980X six-core has already become a deficit in Europe

The flagship chip Intel Core i7-980X six-core has already become a deficit in Europe

As predicted by some experts, the new flagship processor Intel Core i7-980X in a few days after the release has already become a deficit. This 32 nm chip recall has 6 cores, supports 12 computing threads and is mainly intended for the community of gamers and computer enthusiasts.

Intel Core i7-980X

This position involves high cost Intel Core i7-980X (999 dollars in batches in 1000) and would seem to exclude the hype about this product. However, according to online media, some global markets are experiencing a shortage of this powerful processor.

According to a study conducted by journalists Fudzilla, most retailers in the UK, Germany and Austria indicate the chip Intel Core i7-980X in their list as having an assortment of goods.