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The final version of Firefox Mobile can come to the end of the year

The final version of Firefox Mobile can come to the end of the year

Jay Sullivan (Jay Sullivan), vice president of mobile trend of Mozilla, said that the version of RC (release candidate) browser Firefox Mobile (codenamed — Fennec) should be ready next week. At least, that is the purpose of developers. In this case, the final version of the browser to appear over the next few weeks and will even more this year.


Recall at this point came several alpha and beta versions of Firefox Mobile for several mobile platforms including Windows Mobile and Maemo. This browser has enough opportunities, for example, it supports tabs, bookmarks, add-ons, download files, and so on.

Gold Bugatti Veyron cost model 3000000

Golden Bugatti Veyron model for $ 3,000,000

English jeweler Stuart Hughes, who is well known as the original designer of various exclusive and very expensive models of electronic devices, made famous golden model of sports car Bugatti Veyron worth 2 million pounds (about $ 3,000,000).

It is interesting to note the fact that the cost model above for the real car. Bugatti Veyron sports car you can buy for $ 1.5 million

Gold model sports car, made in the scale of 1 to 18 set of 24-carat gold, and its grille adorned with a considerable diamond weighing 7.2 carats. The total weight of this model is seven pounds. Uvelir planned to release three gold instance model Bugatti Veyron, the manufacture of each of them will take about two months.