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Now with extensions Opera has released the first alpha version of Opera 11

Now with extensions: Opera has released the first alpha version of Opera 11

The company Opera Software has released the first alpha version of Opera 11, which represents the latest generation of browsers. Recall, Opera 11 is the first browser Opera extensions & ndash-software additions, created by using the interface Opera API and implemented based on open web standards such as HTML5 and JavaScript. For the first time this functionality the company announced at a press conference Up North Web.

Opera 11

Opera still offering most users the necessary functions "on-box" — but extension suggests a new level of customization. Browser Opera 11 alpha is available at / browser / next.

Steve Jobs will soon be the solution to problems at work iPhone 3G with iOS 4

Steve Jobs: coming soon iPhone 3G problem solving when working with iOS 4

For network spread another e-mail message from the Apple CEO Steve Jobs. He personally answered the user who complained about the performance of your iPhone 3G, calling it "terribly slow". In this case, we are talking about the device based on the new operating system iOS 4. We know that the latest version of the platform is available for iPhone 3G in a limited form, in no multitasking. And after installing it on your device many users are complaining that the system is, quite simply, brakes.

iPhone 3G

Among other important issues by users — rapid discharge and overheating.