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Hacker shocked he was found after the robbery Russian Post

Hacker shocked: he was found after the robbery "Mail of Russia"

Press Service of the Ministry of Interior reported that in the Komi Republic was uncovered embezzlement of funds committed by virtual means. In November 2009, the Internal Affairs received a statement of the Republican leadership Branch of FSUE "Russian Post," — that during a routine audit in one — post offices Ukhta found stealing 90 thousand. During the inspection it was found that the theft occurred in June 2009, a virtual way with personal account postmen in one of the payment systems.

Russian Post

Disclosure things complicated way crime vulnerabilities using specialized software withdrawal of money micropayments for dozens of accounts and commit theft from other regions of Russia.

Lumix DMC — G2

Lumix DMC - G2

Representatives from Panasonic has recently presented its first-ever system camera with interchangeable lens and touch controls.

The camera was established on the basis of the standard Micro 4/3. New uses bezzerkalnuyu new design that helped to make it more compact and lightweight than any SLR models. Touch screen device connects visual images and operator of almost intuitive level — the development of the camera in Panasonic made a priority focus on the interests of non-professional photographers.

Touching the subject on the LCD touch-screen Lumix DMC — G2 activates the auto focus (AF) and automatic exposure (AE) — using the touch control can even release the shutter.