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Ultrathin LED Monitor LG E50 series and E40 in

Ultrathin LED Monitor LG E50 series and E40 in

Company LG Electronics is the Russian market two new LED monitors series E50 and E40. New LED Monitors LG vary slim (17.5 mm), high contrast resolution of Full HD, environmental performance and economical power.

LG E50

Level Dynamic Contrast 000:1 5000 provides transfer realistic images by playing small contrast differences that are inaccessible to conventional LCD monitors. However due to the high efficiency LED lighting can reduce electricity consumption by 45% compared to conventional monitors.

LG E50

LED E50 monitor series is a custom design: it is equipped with "intelligent," — Stand Two-way Stand, which translates into a stable, supportive display like photo frame.

Brand HP PalmPad — for WebOS tablets

Brand HP PalmPad — for WebOS Tablet?

Company Hewlett-Packard (HP) filed in the Office of Patent and Trademark U.S.(United States Patent and Trademark Office) its new brand — PalmPad. As described in the application, it can be used for computer software for them, computer peripherals, laptops, PDAs, notebooks and mobile electronic devices. That is, this brand is well suited for the widest range of electronics. But most of all, part of the name "Pad" suggests that it may be tablets.

HP PalmPad

For suggestions that under the name PalmPad, HP will release a series of tablets running the operating system WebOS, which the developer recently acquired by HP company Palm.