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This day we will not forget Apple is preparing the announcement dedicated iTunes

This day we will not forget: Apple prepares announcement dedicated iTunes

Apparently, Apple marketers really are champions in the ability to intrigue the audience and get to talk about yourself without spending a lot of money and effort. For several hours online community in every way discusses the mysterious banner that appears on the home page corporate website

Apple Invitation

Actually, since the banner is clear is that today, November 16, 2010, there will be a & ldquo-exciting & rdquo-trailer that has to do with iTunes. And, is this announcement at 10:00 am Eastern U.S.time (18 pm Moscow time), and the information accompanying slogan promises us another day that we will never forget.

Fuel Power Supply for Toshiba Dynario gadgets coming out in Japan

Fuel Power Supply for Toshiba Dynario gadgets coming out in Japan

Toshiba has announced the imminent release in Japan Dynario — external power from fuel cells for consumer electronics. The fuel methanol is used, the container is designed for 14 milliliters. Dynario quite compact: dimensions are 150h74, 5×21 mm, weight — 280 grams

Toshiba Dynario

Together with power supply cartridges sold, in which you can refill it with new portion of fuel. Dynario — this is the first DMFC (Direct Methanol Fuel Cell) product Toshiba. It will recharge small devices such as mobile phones and portable players at hand when no conventional electric network. Connection is made via a USB cable.