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Soft displays for U.S. Army

Soft displays for U.S. Army

All have become accustomed to the fact that new technologies reach the army rather than ordinary people.

U.S. Army Soldiers honored to experience in real life, a new high-tech OLED display with a soft matrix. Simply put, these screens can bend and mint, but the image will not change its quality. These screens will be equipped Portable Devices military communications.

Devices of new type will be implemented in a watch with a large screen, with which you can view the map online satellite, watch videos and play sounds (as in the last multimedia devices). To create strange and unusual screen technology was used Universal Display, which shows a strength and endurance to external factors without compromising image in the gadget.

Steve Wozniak was the first tablet iPad Wi-Fi3G impression

Steve Wozniak was the first tablet iPad Wi-Fi +3 G, impression

Wozniak (Steve Wozniak) — second founder of Apple along with Steve Jobs — got my hands on my iPad after a defended place before the first day of sales. The network already has photos and video of this momentous event.

Steve Wozniak in line

Wozniak rode on his two-wheeled Segway Electric scooters in shopping centers in San Jose, where he got his plate. Later in his micro-blog Twitter, he left a message that the iPad — a real pleasure, it's even better than you imagined.

Steve Wozniak and iPad Wi-Fi +3 G

But what is interesting, it is assumed that the iPad Steve Wozniak — a model that supports cellular networks 3G. However, the official output model iPad Edition Wi-Fi +3 G only scheduled for later this month.