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What happened to Torrentsru Prosecutor against piracy

What happened to Prosecutors against pirates

The great Russian torrent tracker suddenly stopped working and now with held redirected to The site says that today, February 18, the company Roux Center unannounced suspended domain delegation, and it was like synchronization on demand investigation department Chertanovskaya District Prosecutor of Moscow.

Creators already sent a request to Roux-center, but the resolution of the problem will take some time and while address is not available. For this reason the service has changed the domain name to The users have to change the address trackers are in the downloaded torrent files with on, or download the file again.

Capitalization Facebook

Capitalization Facebook

In just two months, the capitalization of the world's largest social networking site Facebook has grown by a third, thereby exceeding the amount of 33.7 billion dollars.

In July this year, U.S. investment fund Elevation Partners Facebook tentatively estimated at 24 billion dollars, and a month earlier, according to a Russian company Digital Sky Technologies, Facebook was valued at $ 10 billion.

Currently the company's value is more than the cost of large Internet companies like eBay and Yahoo!, are estimated at 32 billion dollars and 18.07 billion respectively. Also worth noting is that the value of Facebook is more than forty times their annual earnings.