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Steve Ballmer Windows 7 sold twice as fast compared to its predecessors

Steve Ballmer: Windows 7 is sold in half the time compared to its predecessors

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) at the annual meeting of shareholders reported that sales of the new Windows 7 operating system are very good. By the way, the success of the new platform became known almost immediately after the release of October 22, for example, in the UK at Amazon, it broke all records on the number of pre-orders, beating even the Harry Potter books. And according to Ballmer, has sold twice as many copies of Windows 7 than any other Microsoft operating system in the same period of time.

Steve Ballmer

However, Steve Ballmer few indiscreet said that Windows 7 — is the best operating system for computers ever created by Microsoft or anyone else.

Charger by Apple

Charger by Apple

Recently, the company Apple presented the audience they created the charger for batteries size AA.

This wall charger was created including rechargeable batteries for wireless keyboard and mouse Magic Mouse and Trackpad Magic Trackpad. It is also worth noting that the assurances of manufacturers is the most energy-efficient "charger" on the market.

Leakage of electricity using Apple Battery Charger minimum (this term refers to the energy consumption of the charger after all the batteries have been charged).

Price of the new gadget in the Apple Store is $ 29, the kit includes six batteries.