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Exclusive model of PCs iRU Brava

Exclusive model of PCs iRU Brava

Company iRU, one of the leading domestic manufacturers of computers and servers, represents a powerful new model PC series Brava. With next-generation quad-core architecture iRU Brava cope even with demanding tasks. The user will be able to design, convert, play, create, and view streaming live and work with content in high definition.


Exclusive models iRU Brava built on a modern quad-core Intel Core i7, Intel Core i5 and AMD Phenom II. As promised manufacturer, the new PCs do well with multi-tiered applications, revealing unparalleled opportunity to create games and multimedia materials. They are equipped with 12 GB of memory, video cards AMD Radeon HD 4890 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX295/GTX260, hard drives up to 2TB, optical drive DVD-RW or BluRay, come pre-installed with Windows 7.

Digital Camera Samsung UCIM writes immediately 3 game

Digital Camera Samsung UCIM writes immediately 3 game

Site Yanko Design has presented another unusual concept. At this time shows a digital camera that supports writing data directly to the 3 flash media. The author desires became Jung Eun Park (Jung Eun Park).

Samsung UCIM

The basic idea of the camera Samsung UCIM is not needed to process and send photos from a memory card. So things are going with most modern cameras. Instead, it is proposed to connect a USB device just 3, but not to increase the memory and to store photos or video "-simultaneously in three places" -. Then you can stick a hand out to three people.

Samsung UCIM

On the one hand it is convenient to the other & ndash-like and slightly old-fashioned way of shooting film, because such images could not be negotiated, for example via e-mail.