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Tizernyy Site tablet Toshiba to Flash prysoromyv iPad

Tizernyy site for tablet Toshiba Flash "prysoromyv" iPad

Toshiba has launched tyzernu page dedicated its new tablet. While the device is simply called Toshiba Tablet, mentioned on quite a few of its characteristics and approximate release dates listed — this spring. Obviously, this is the same device that was demonstrated at CES 2011. The model is based on the operating system Android 3.0 and NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, it is equipped with 10.1-inch touchscreen display with support for multisensor management and resolution of 1280×800 pixels.

Toshiba Tablet and iPad

In addition, the tablet has two cameras — 2 and 5MP supports the wireless Wi-Fi, equipped with a card slot for SD, ports HDMI, USB and mini USB.

Inventories MacBook Air ichtoschayutsya update is around the corner

Inventories ichtoschayutsya MacBook Air, updated around the corner?

We already wrote about the alleged preparation of Apple updated its ultra thin laptop MacBook Air, which refers to high-end solutions. Unfortunately, as is traditionally the case with the company from Cupertino, confirmation of this information will have to wait until the official announcement, which, however, does not prevent different sources to put forward their own versions and assumptions.

MacBook Air

Another piece of information came from resource AppleInsider, who said that inventory MacBook Air in retail channels that are not in its original chain of stores Apple, reduced, and there is no sign of re-recruitment.