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Follovery back on Twitter solved the problem

Follovery back: on Twitter solved the problem

Today, Monday 10 May, users of micro-blogging service Twitter revealed that the number of their followers (follower) obnulylosya. As it turned out, the whole thing in a specific "bahe" Twitter. His first Turkish member found under the name Guntekin, by using this vulnerability, he managed to swing myself the followers of some famous personalities like Bill Gates, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) and head of Twitter Evan Williams (Evan Williams).

Reset the counter

Administrators Twitter, to solve this problem, we had to update all the counters followers. As the official representative of the company's fault recognized and taken action to remove it.

(I) Pawn original game app for iPhone

(I) Pawn - original game app for iPhone

If a new game app for the iPhone, which was developed by French company Volumique, really works the way it was shown in the submitted video maybe soon we expect big changes in the way of new games for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and other devices that support touch control.

Game of Volumique, release is scheduled for November, based on the use of natural gameplay set figures interacting with a touch screen smartphone. The new technology, which provides recognition Dunn figures smarfona, remains unknown.

But still, no matter what kind of technology will be used in this application, it can easily convert iPhone (and, later, and iPad) into a kind of virtual game boards that greatly expand the functionality of these devices.