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Stoyadernyy processor Tilera TILE-Gx — in 2011

Stoyadernyy processor Tilera TILE-Gx — in 2011

Microprocessor industry over the past few years has made a huge leap forward. Remember, back in 2007 was considered quite normal processor with one or two cores, but now the approach has six and vosmyyaderni monsters. However, the record in the near future will not ware AMD or Intel, and foods from little-known to the average consumer of Tilera. This American company introduced a new line of chips called general purpose TILE-Gx, which can hold up to 100 processor cores.

Tilera TILE-Gx

The new processors TILE-Gx100 created rules 40 nm technology and designed for use in servers that work with large amounts of information, or as soprotsessorov, operating in conjunction with standard server chips (eg, Intel Nehalem-EX).

Philips TV 9704 LED Pro series with support for Wi-Fi

Philips TV 9704 LED Pro series with support for Wi-Fi

Philips has announced the imminent start of sales in the UK of the new series TVs — Philips 9704 LED Pro. Model 40PFL9704 is a 40-inch TV, 46PFL9704 has a diagonal of 46 inches, and according to the manufacturer, in both models, a 50% reduced energy consumption compared to conventional LCD TV.

Philips 9704 LED Pro

Both provide a 5000000:1 contrast ratio, this is achieved including through split screen on 224 LED areas, each of which can independently change the brightness or even shut down completely. The update frequency is 200 Hz and response time — 1 ms. Everyone on TV has 5 HDMI ports. Also, the models used technology "Ambilight Spectra 3", it increases the visual screen, projecting on the wall behind the TV a soft shimmer.