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Chipset AMD 890GX get integrated GPU that supports DirectX 101

Chipset AMD 890GX get integrated GPU with support for DirectX 10.1

The company AMD plans to release a new AMD 890GX chipset with integrated graphics core, which will first be implemented support for DirectX 10.1. Of course it will be a while since AMD 890GX should appear only in May 2010. However, this event will surely be a step forward in the development of new integrated graphics technology.


Integrated video core clock speed of AMD 890GX chipset is the same as that of its counterpart in the current chipset AMD 790GX, ie 700 MHz. However, unlike the Radeon HD 3300 video chip present in the AMD 790GX, the graphics component of the new chipset (which is a stripped down version of the chip RV710) is UVD technology, in addition to support 2 (Unified Video Decoder 2).

800 Series CPE devices complement Motorola WiMAX portfolio

800 Series CPE devices complement Motorola WiMAX portfolio

Division of Motorola Networks announced the expansion of its line of WiMAX devices User class (CPE) with two new models: CPEi CPEi 800 and 885. As the producer, CPEi 800 is suitable for operators and their customers who need high performance modem for data and model CPEi 885 has a powerful potential to deploy home networks with high-speed broadband internet access and a full set of digital entertainment.

Motorola CPEi 800

Motorola CPEi 800 — an inexpensive wireless modem with basic functions for data transmission offered in all ranges. It is suitable for rapid network deployment in regions with low density of subscribers, as well as for markets where other methods are difficult to provide high-speed Internet access.