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Flash Card Super Talent RAIDDrive

Flash Card Super Talent RAIDDrive

Leading company Super Talent announced the launch of world's first USB flash drive with integrated interface USB 3.0 — RAIDDrive, providing superior speed read and write data. RAIDDrive makes it possible to write data into the memory at speeds of 200 MB / s and read speeds up to about 320 MB / c.

Soon you can buy a flash drive Super Talent RAIDDrive memory of 64 GB that are actually fully complete (through USB 3.0) in just 3 minutes, and using USB 2.0 the whole process would take about 26 minutes.

Price of new high-speed flash drives are still unknown, but there is information that maybe they will be available in December this year.

Bright Wireless Laser Mouse SVEN NRML-01

Bright Wireless Laser Mouse SVEN NRML-01

Company SVEN presented in a new wireless laser mouse SVEN NRML-01 USB laptop with a resolution of 800 dpi. SVEN NRML-01 USB is made of smooth plastic with side inserts of ribbed. Mouse connects easily to any PC or laptop via a wireless adapter through the USB port. The communication range is up to 10 meters. Top mounted LED that indicates low battery.


As the producer, ergonomic design fits comfortably in the manipulator arm, and high-frequency sensor with a resolution of 800 dpi and infrared laser illumination provides more precise positioning ensures comfortable working in any application & mdash-from spreadsheets to dynamic games.