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Universal CPU Cooler Alpenf246hn Sella with a German accent

Universal CPU Cooler Alpenfö-hn Sella with a German accent

The German company EKL has officially announced its latest development under the brand Alpenfö-hn as a CPU cooler Sella. New uses HDC (Heatpipe Direct Contact), which means direct contact with the cooled tubes teplootvodnyh chip. It is assumed that this design feature will boost the performance of a new cooling system and make its work more effective.

Alpenfohn Sella

CPU cooler Alpenfö-hn Sella made in the tower design and includes three teplootvodnost copper tube and aluminum radiator block edges and 92 mm fan with hydrodynamic suspension. Speed of the fan varies from 850 to 2200 rpm and maximum output noise with his acoustic work is 29.8 decibels.

Vioguard UVKB50

Vioguard UVKB50

Now all the polls began to worry about protection against the swine flu virus H1N1. Especially for those who own security above all else was created unusual keyboard with protection against influenza.

According worded by the manufacturer due to effective ultraviolet radiation in the press, on this keyboard can not gather bacteria. Special light comes from two fluorescent bulbs rated at 25 watts, the radiation of which kills 99.99% of bacteria manner for 90 seconds.

Unusual Keyboard Vioguard UVKB50 does not require any special additional software to their work, but for its functionality corresponds to the standard keyboard.