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GEAR4 UnityRemote

GEAR4 UnityRemote

Many iPhone owners attracted by the idea of using their favorite gadget as a remote control for a variety of home devices.

Yet very few people want to connect to the iPhone any bulky infrared transmitter, or enter it for this purpose a special outer case. That is why the background of different accessories that add iPhone functionality universal remote control looks very favorable solution proposed GEAR4.

Issued by this device UnityRemote deserves special attention, primarily because it does not connect directly to the smartphone. Instead, as a link between the iPhone and controlled their devices is a separate module with IR transmitter.

As we prepare new Apple iPod and iPad mini — year-end iPhone 5th January

What Apple for us? New iPod and iPad mini — by the end of the year, iPhone 5th January

Resource iLounge has provided a lot of interesting information about new devices Apple's operating system iOS. For example, you get three new models of the iPod, they will be presented at a special event in September. Among them are iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle new generation. Regarding the latter, by the way, there were rumors that he will get 1.7-inch touch screen. And the iPod touch in the new version may be with a camera.

Layout iPad and iPad mini

Interesting information about the new version of the tablet iPad. This model will be released end of this — early next year.