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The FBI emblem on Wikipedia — a gift for fraud

The FBI emblem on Wikipedia — a gift for scams?

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has asked the leadership of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia (Wikipedia) with the requirement to remove from the page dedicated to this organization, its emblem. According to the FBI, under the laws of the United States to use the mark without permission is prohibited Bureau of Investigation and could face a fine or even imprisonment. However, Wikipedia denies a violation of the law and believes that the FBI misunderstood the essence of the law and may not require clear picture. According to the Wikipedia Mike Godwin (Mike Godwin), position of the online encyclopedia of principle and law, and the image will be removed.

Your Mac is always with you — iPhone 5 will use NFC to set up

Your Mac is always with you — iPhone 5 will use NFC to set up

After all the twists and turns associated with the output device iPhone 4 and followed after the scandal with this great name & ldquo-antennaheyt & rdquo-on this front occurred relative calm. However, the most impatient journalists and experts have suggest that we will see in the next, fifth generation & ldquo-apple & rdquo-device, which is expected to debut in 2011.


For example, the portal Cult of Mac, citing an unnamed source said that the mobile device tentatively called the iPhone 5 may be implemented standard support NFC (Near Field Communication) — RF wireless technology communication short range.