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Statistics repairing the iPhone 4 rarely breaks but often beats

Statistics Repair: iPhone 4 rarely breaks, but often beats

The company Square Trade, which deals with warranty service and repair of electronics, has published results of the reliability of smartphones and communicators. In order to compile this report is examined more than 50 000 units. Rating compiled Square Trade, indicating that the most reliable manufacturers produce "smart" phones. According to these data, the most reliable — it's the iPhone 4, in which the level of damage was only 2.1% (2 units of 100 pieces). However, this prediction because the information is collected for 12 months, and this time since the release of the device has failed.

Alex E-book running Android and two screens went on sale

Alex E-book running Android and two screens went on sale

E-book from Spring Design Alex went on sale in the U.S... This unit can be ordered from the middle of last month, and now it came to their owners. This extraordinary solution is running an operating system Android, feature is the presence of two screens arranged one under the other. Actually, reading the text provided nekolorovoyu 6-inch screen is made of electronic paper technology, and management and internet surfing suit is below the 3.5-inch color touchscreen.

Spring Design Alex

Alex E-book supports text EPUB, PDF, HTML and TXT. Among its other features — microSD slot and Communications Wi-Fi and USB. Unit Weight is 312 grams.